Our pledge

With support of the Otago Polytechnic, we aim to reach our full potential by positioning ourselves firmly in our local community, and internationally as a vibrant centre of educational excellence. In order to do this, the Dunedin School of Art Foundation invites financial support to expand and realise our potential.

In turn, the Dunedin School of Art Foundation pledges to add value to our community by offering a range of opportunities for engagement with the visual arts, and grow an awareness of the visual arts for the citizens of Dunedin. 

Contact us

We welcome your feedback, and your interest in the Dunedin School of Art Foundation. There are a number of ways to support us, and to keep in touch. As a place dedicated to creativity and community, we can offer a number of opportunities to reciprocate your generosity. Phone or email us to find out more:

Head of School
Clive Humphreys clive.humphreys@op.ac.nz
+64 (3) 479 3679

Managing Trustee Perpetual Trust
Kevin O'Sullivan 
+64 (3) 477 6960

Dunedin School of Art Foundation
Otago Polytechnic
Private Bag 1910
Dunedin 9016, New Zealand
Phone +64 (3) 479 3679
Email dsafoundation@op.ac.nz