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Online and off-campus

As an online or off-campus learner, you have the flexibility and choice over where, when and how you learn. 


Fully online at OP 

When you have family and work commitments, full online learning gives you the freedom to gain a qualification in your own time. Our online learning platforms let you talk to your facilitator and your virtual classmates and access all your course material from wherever you are.

You will have access to online student support services to develop your learning and academic writing skills – and to support your health and wellbeing, help you plan your career, give you IT support and access to library resources.

Online study areas include Horticulture, Apiculture, Health and Wellbeing and Art (Glaze Ceramics).  


Fully online with eCampus

eCampus NZ is a partnership of several major tertiary education providers in New Zealand. All courses and study are fully online and most courses are available to start at regular intervals throughout the year. When you enrol, you will be assigned your own personal advisor who will support you through your learning journey and a course facilitator will be on hand to track your progress and to answer any course-related questions you might have.

Study areas include Business Administration, Computing, Small Business, Project Management, Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education, Accounting, Human Resource ManagementMarketing and Sales and Digital Media and Design.

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Fully online with Open Education Resources university (OERu)

OERu allows users to access learning materials through WikiEducator, the openly licensed platform. It is coordinated by the OER Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit organisation. Students worldwide can freely access high-quality learning and research material online from a network of recognised universities, polytechnics and community colleges from five continents. An open-source approach to learning makes it possible for students to share, collaborate and contribute to online content through WikiEducator and other open platforms.

Pathways to achieve formal academic accreditation are provided by Otago Polytechnic to the learner through assessments, if desired. We also offer academic consultation. Assessment and consultation services are cost options; specific costs will vary depending on the individual service.

For more information, visit the OERu website

Off campus

Blended delivery programmes

Some of our programmes have a mix of online learning plus things like block courses (held on campus or at other locations), work or fieldwork placements and local tutorials. You might have to travel to block courses and placements.

We’re not just limited to teaching sites in Dunedin, Central Otago and Auckland either!

We deliver programmes in locations throughout New Zealand. Study areas include Midwifery, Occupational TherapyVeterinary Nursing, and Ceramic Arts.  


Study while on-the-job! You'll sometimes need to attend night classes, block courses and do some study outside of work.  

Work-based learning with Capable NZ 

If you've gained significant knowledge and skills from your work, whether paid or unpaid, Capable NZ can help you convert your experience to a formal qualification.

Capable NZ provides an alternative way to gain an NZQA-recognised tertiary qualification. It is a world-leading service that aligns your experience and knowledge with the outcomes of tertiary programmes. We provide two unique pathways to people who are seeking a qualification to validate what they know and what they can do. The first option is an Independent Learning Pathway (ILP), which blends an assessment of your prior learning with an exploration of new knowledge and understanding to develop a Professional Practice Framework. The other option is work-based learning  (WBL) through one of our work-based qualifications. 

1. Independent Learning Pathways (ILP)

ILP is an internationally-recognised and academically valid way to quantify your learning, skills and knowledge.

Skilled facilitators help you explore your own experiential learning, taking an holistic, integrated view of the expected outcomes in the graduate profile of the target qualification. In the innovative ILP process, you will identify, demonstrate, articulate and reflect upon the understandings and skills you’ve developed through your work and other relevant learning experiences. This is an opportunity to explore all aspects of work (paid and unpaid) and shape these into a Practice Framework.

Our ILP process provides you with an opportunity to grow professionally in competence and confidence. The process of reflecting upon experience can also offer valuable personal development as well as enabling you to gain a qualification.

2. Work-based Learning

Work-based learning is learning at and for work. The workplace is the classroom and workplace issues and problems act as the curriculum for your programme. This makes it perfect for those wishing to advance their qualification while also working and addressing strategic issues in their organisation. Programmes offered through Capable NZ, including the Graduate Diploma and Master of Professional Practice, are predominantly achieved through work-based learning. To find out whether other Otago Polytechnic qualifications can be achieved through work-based learning, please check the individual programme information pages.

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