Our School of Nursing staff and students are working with ADInstruments' Lt.

Otago Polytechnic’s School of Nursing is renowned for producing highly skilled graduates that are in demand nationally and internationally due to their knowledge, professionalism, and work-readiness.

But five years ago, a national trend of declining enrolments in the high-school leaver demographic threatened the School’s enrolment numbers. According to Linda Kinniburgh, Head of the School of Nursing (2006-2016), the School decided to modernize its teaching methods by using digital technology to deliver an immersive learning curriculum that would appeal to young learners.

"We could see technology was changing the world and I knew we had to change the way we were teaching. If we weren’t innovative in our teaching we’d get left behind and we’d lose our students. We didn’t want the wider downward trend to affect us. We wanted to be future focused and to turn out students that are prepared for the modern working environment, and that’s one of the reasons we began using Lt.”

Linda knew the School needed to incorporate active learning and digital technology as part of an immersive teaching strategy. Research has shown that immersive learning - which offers learners a mix of theoretical and practical education – results in improved knowledge and skills. And that’s where Lt came in. Otago Polytechnic staff research by Dr Liz Ditzel, Dr Karole Hogarth and Raewyn Lesa, has confirmed Lt’s effectiveness as a learning platform.

August 2017