Haere mai!

How might a small town help newcomers to settle in?

The Cromwell community includes people from a diverse range of ethnicities. There is potential for language and cultural barriers to make it difficult for newcomers to settle in and to learn about and access all the services they might need. They could become socially isolated.

A team of our Nursing students recently worked with stakeholders in the Cromwell community and identified this as one of the health issues they would like to help address. Their goal was to raise awareness of the services that were available and how to access them, including groups that newcomers might like to consider joining.

The students created a website that provides this information, along with a mini-poster with a QR code and the website address, to put up around the town so that people would know about the website. This will help ensure people get the care they need and streamline the integration of newcomers into the community.

May 2022

Image credit: Nursing students.