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Business intelligence

Two students have been developing their IT skills through a real-world project.

Two of our Graduate Diploma in Information Technology students have recently built a business intelligence dashboard for a retail company as part of their studies. Ravikumar Kalaria and Bhavik Bipinkumar Patel worked on their mini project with a client from digital marketing company Mochi Digital. Ravi says the pair created a dashboard of retails sales data, turning large volumes of data into more accessible formats in a confidential way.

They used Microsoft Power BI - a collection of software services that turn data into understandable and visually appealing insights. Ravi said the pair didn’t have any experience with the software when they began the project.

“But we were willing to learn this new and quite popular technology.”

They taught themselves using online learning platforms including LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and edX. They sought all the knowledge they needed to meet client requirements and contribute their own ideas for new features and functions. The project took more than five months and the pair overcame many challenges to develop six reports for the company. Ravi says:

“During this process, we faced some problems such as duplicate data, the relationship between tables, and many more. But we continuously learned about how to solve the issues and fix them step by step.”

He says they had excellent support from Auckland International Campus’ Head of IT, Dr Farhad Mehdipour, throughout the project and came away with a very positive reference letter from the client.

July 2020