Information Technology

Do you want to “get IT dun”?

We are looking for industry projects for students to undertake as part of their third and final year of study for a Bachelor of Information Technology. The ideal project would: 
  • Benefit a wide audience.
    The audience may be your staff, your customers, or members of the public who benefit from the services you provide. We’re open to working with community organisations and commercial businesses.
  • Be exciting and interesting.
    These students are ready for a technical challenge, to work out how to solve a problem.
  • Have no time limit.
    Students finish their capstone projects at the end of their final year – this is usually November but some finish in June. If necessary successive teams can continue to work on the same project to get it to a level you’re happy with.

The students are developing not just their technical skills but also client relationship and project management skills. As well as agreeing the project brief with us and with the students involved, you will need to provide the right specifications and integration, to ensure compatibility with your systems and enable the project to go live.

We are also interested in exploring options for possible internships and other industry involvement.

Please contact us to discuss working with our IT students.