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DES gen FashionClass 036

Working with our fashion students helps one local retailer keep up-to-date.

Neil Gaudin, of Dunedin store VOID, has been partnering with Otago Polytechnic fashion students for over 10 years. He is one of the fashion retailers who works with a small group of three to five second-year students for their retail and production project collaboration.

The students meet a retailer and then have to design clothes that would fit in that retail store, for its customers. The students do the whole process - designing, costing, and production - then present their products to the retailer.

Neil appreciates the opportunity for him to keep abreast of what the students are being taught and what they are thinking about design. This is also a way that he can support their development, giving them practical experience. 

"And who knows what may come of it? A couple of times I have ordered product they have made to sell at VOID."