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Cat café

In the continual development of commercial online games there is room for a student's contributions.

Runaway is an independent game developer and publisher based in Dunedin New Zealand, with a focus on games inspired by nature. One of its games is Furistas Cat Cafe, where players look after their cats and help customers find their "purrfect match".

Communication Design student Jesse Keable enjoyed working with Runaway in the final year of her degree, where she had the opportunity to contribute to Furistas Cat Cafe. Jesse began with Adobe Photoshop to conceptualise Chumby the Cat's stripes and patterns, then moved the designs into Illustrator for further development. Jesse then used Spine to bring Chumby to life with animations, jumping around and playing with balls of yarn. Jesse also contributed additional pieces of furniture for the game.

Passionate about coding, modelling, illustration and world-building, it has been satisfying for Jesse to see her work published in the latest version of the game, available for download for Apple and Android phones. In future she hopes to work on games that will inspire people to look after our planet and each other. 

March 2021

Image credit: designed by Jesse Keable, owned by Runaway, used with permission