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Capturing visitors' imaginations

Communication design student Alice Maxwell created two products for the Olveston Historic Home gift store.

Since Dorothy Theomin gifted her family home to the Dunedin City Council, Olveston Historic Home in Dunedin has attracted many local and international visitors. The Olveston management wanted to give visitors something they could take away which would enhance their experience and their memories of their visit.

Alice Maxwell has  explored many forms and media of visual expression and communication, and used her experience to design two products for the Olveston Historic Home gift store. The first of these was a 2017 calendar with drawings to colour in, sketches which she made of scenes of the house. The second was a paper-craft model which visitors could purchase flat and construct at home.

Olveston is pleased with Alice's work. The calendar went into production in late 2016 and is available to purchase from Olveston. 

February 2017