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The play's the thing

Our Communication Design students helped to promote the Globe Theatre's production of Richard II.

The Globe Theatre has played a significant role in theatre in Dunedin since the 1970s, Its programme of plays is more valuable than ever after last year's demise of the Fortune Theatre. The 2019 programme includes Shakespeare's Richard II, produced by Keith Scott. Keith approached our Communication Design department seeking assistance with branding for the Globe as well as an advertising campaign for Richard II. 

In the timeframe for their project, the team of students had to focus on the second part of this brief, promoting the Richard II production. The students provided promotional photography and videography, used on the Theatre's Facebook page. They also delivered designs for a poster, flyer and programme, inspired by themes from 14th century manuscripts and a theatre spotlight. They recommended a playing card concept to illustrate two kings battling for the throne of England, using stylised drawings of the two actors playing the kings.

One of the student team members, Kieran Somerville, says:

"Working with the Globe Theatre has been a great experience - it has been really interesting and a lot of fun. We can't wait to see the play in its final form."

Keith Scott does not regret being persuaded by the team to run with the playing card concept:

"The public response to the graphic design on the poster and flyer has been overwhelming."

June 2019