Using social media to best advantage

Student Stephen MacAballug has helped the Otago Peninsula Trust with its social media strategy.

Otago Peninsula attracts tourists from all over the world. Many take the time to visit the Royal Albatross Colony. The Otago Peninsula Trust wanted to review their use of social media to bring this attraction to visitors' attention.

The Trust's Sophie Barker says she learned a lot from Stephen because he was at the cutting edge of what's new and happening. And when you're busy immersed in your work, having someone else come in and look at what you're doing is very useful. Stephen dug into and interpreted the social media analytics, and also interviewed people, asking how they heard about the albatross colony, to inform his strategic advice.

Stephen's recommendations have been implemented. Sophie says he taught her to think differently about the posts she does. She knows which social media channels to concentrate on, and uses much more video.


June 2017