Customer and volunteer management

Not-for-profits can benefit from applying business management principles.

The Peace Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation which provides conflict resolution programmes to students and families. One of these programmes for primary schools is The Cool School Peer Mediation Programme. This Programme was the focus of research by Farjana Rahman, one of our Auckland International Campus students studying Applied Management.

Farjana's research explored the possible communication gaps between the schools and The Peace Foundation. She also examined employee satisfaction and motivation in a not-for-profit organisation. She carried out semi-structured interviews, surveys and observations. 

Farjana identified opportunities for the Programme to strengthen relationships with previous client schools. She recommended that the organisation recruit more volunteers to help with communication with schools. She found that the volunteer interns are motivated more by intrinsic values, what is important to them, rather than extrinsic factors. It is also helpful for the organisation to keep the workplace more structured to enhance an intern’s productivity so they can utilise their time in the best way possible to achieve organisational goals. 


October 2019

Image credit: Jessy Rone, used under Creative Commons licence CC BY-ND 2.0