Staff induction process improvements

Applied Management student Karen Nicolson undertook her third year research project with Calder Stewart.

Calder Stewart needed to merge their Staff Handbook and their Health and Safety Handbook and were pleased to have Karen's help with this to ensure nothing important was missed. The new Handbook is provided to new staff during their induction, and in the process of Karen's work on the Handbook, Denise Cooper, General Manager - People and Safety, realised that she could also review the company's induction process.

Denise says Karen's review of the induction process was the "icing on the cake" as far as she was concerned. Karen interviewed employees about the induction process, and learned that they valued the one-on-one approach which the company used. Karen therefore advised the company to keep this personal approach, rather than trying to put the whole process online, because it helped new employees integrate.

Karen was also able to make some specific recommendations which the company will be taking on board to ensure their induction processes remain up-to-date and relevant for new employees.


February 2017

Image credit: Calder Stewart, used with permission