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Cadbury World Dunedin has benefited from the work of Applied Management student Shonetelle Witham.

Cadbury World Dunedin was looking to improve its visitor tour, and needed to know if they were thinking along the right lines. They asked Shonetelle Witham last year to advise them on what they could do to improve the experience of visitors taking the tour.

Shonetelle undertook her own research, observing and surveying Cadbury World Dunedin visitors, as well as finding other relevant research to consider. She also interviewed some Cadbury World Dunedin visitors, tour guides, and managers.

The findings which Shonetelle presented to the company were very helpful, providing validation that the company needed to introduce more interactive elements to the tour. Cadbury World Dunedin is in the process of working through how to do this, to take the tour to another level.


June 2017

Image credit: Paolo Rosa, used under Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-ND 2.0