Attracting events

How might a business venue attract more events to its premises?

Petridish is a shared office space where more than 110 people in about 55 businesses are based, but Petridish also has four event spaces available. Petridish owners Kate and Jason Lindsey would like to host more events that are meaningful for the Petridish community and the wider Dunedin society. 

Liwei Huai, an Applied Management student, undertook a research project to help Kate and Jason explore how they might achieve this. Liwei triangulated relevant information from different sources, using competitor analysis, semi-structured interviews of a selection of Petridish businesses and event organisers, and an online survey about event venue selection. 

Liwei recommended that Petridish include more detailed event venue information on its website, identify potential niche event markets, and adopt a pricing structure depending not just on duration but also for example, the type of event and the facilities required.

Jason Lindsay says:

"Liwei's research is very thought provoking and helpful. It's been great to have her insight, and the time that she has put into, not only this research, but helping us with our events, has been invaluable."


March 2019

Image credit: Edith Leigh Photography, used with permission