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Researcher profile for Suhaimi Abd Latif

Research Outputs

Suhaimi Abd Latif


Hymie joined Otago Polytechnic Auckland International Campus on March 2016 then later Otago Polytechnic (in Dunedin) August 2019, as a Senior Lecturer for Bachelor of Information Technology then a Senior Lecturer for the Independent Learning Pathway Programme at College of Work-based Learning.
He has an M.Sc. in Computer Information Engineering from International Islamic University Malaysia, a PhD in Engineering from Massey University New Zealand and a Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education from Capable NZ Otago Polytechnic.

He worked on Protocol Design for Real-time Multimedia Communication over High-Speed Wireless Networks, during is Doctoral degree where he developed a novel Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol by optimizing the contention and contention-free periods in the superframe according to the Quality of Service (QoS) requirements of the traversing interactive multimedia applications traffic.

Hymie is actively conducting research in Wireless Body Area Network, Assistive technology, Educational Technology and Co-creation of Assessments in TVET.

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