Studio 56


Students win national design award

The brief was simple – create a breakout space that didn’t require consent and incorporated sustainability. A team of four Otago Polytechnic Design students won the Sustainable Habitat Construction (SHAC) Pop-up Challenge for their design of an innovative and efficient 10 square metre building.

Studio56 was conceived by third-years Dean Griffiths, Alice Perry, Nina Daniels and Charlotte McKirdy, to provide a unique learning environment within Otago Polytechnic’s Living Campus – a vibrant community garden and a sustainable model of urban agriculture. The building features recycled macrocarpa, heat transfer panelling on the windows, and a rooftop water channel that drains into a catchment system to water the Living Campus gardens.

The design team hopes to turn the Studio56 into a kitset that can be customised. “Being less than ten square metres, you don’t need consent, so it’s a building that can go up in any space,” says Alice Perry.

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