Food Share



Otago Polytechnic is a FoodShare donor.

We regularly donate left-over food from our cafes and catering operations. FoodShare pick up from us four days a week: Tuesday to Friday.

Tony Heptinstall, our Food Design Institute Programme Manager, has led the ‘Cooking for a Cause’ team events – mass cooking sessions for businesses, with the food produced going to the community. OP’s Scarfie Army also supports FoodShare by running $2 ‘Soup to Support FoodShare’ events. The Scarfie Army also helped out by painting FoodShare’s new premises!

FoodShare rescues high-quality excess food destined for landfills and safely redistributes it to organisations serving those in need. Every month, FoodShare distributes 45,000 meal equivalents. Since 2012, FoodShare has redistributed over 835,000 meals back into the Dunedin community through the organisations they work with. The majority of this food is fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products and ready-made meals.