2 APRIL - 6 JUNE, FORRESTER GALLERY, OAMARU, 9  Thames Street, Ōamaru


Following in the footsteps of successful Art and Science Projects over the previous seven years, artists worked with scientists from the University of Otago and beyond, individually or in small groups, to develop artworks which responded to the theme of “earth science” interpreted in a broad context. According to The Oxford Companion to the Earth, the earth sciences encompass fields of enquiry from “volcanoes to flood plains, diamonds to meteors, deserts to deep seas.” The disciplines included geology, climatology, mineralogy, and oceanography and opportunities extended from mapping the features of the third rock from the sun to journeys to the centre of the earth. The project exhibition was held in Dunedin at the Community Gallery in May 2021 and is now travelling to the Forrester Gallery in Ōamaru.

Exhibiting artists include: Megan Brasell-Jones,  Vivien Dwyer,  Desi Liversage,  Senorita AweSUMO,  Heramaahina Eketone,  Kate Elder,  Katherine Steeds,  Stella Lange,  Christine Keller,  Jessica Ritchie,  Craig Cook,  Becky Cameron,  Geoff Wyvill,  Manu Berry,  Debbie Fleming,  Katharine Allard,  Pam McKinlay and Down the Rabbit Hole Art Collective 2022,  Sarah Shackleton,  Eden Smith.

Thanks to all the scientists from Sciences at University of OtagoGNS Science and Otago Regional Council who were so generous and shared their time and knowledge throughout this long project:

Sophie Briggs,  Simon Cox,  Grace Duke,  Emma Curtin,  Henrik Moller,  Sharon Hornblow,  Sophie Horton,  Daphne Lee,  Zoe Hendersen,  Jon Lindqvist,  Adam Martin,  Katie Matts,  Jasmine Mawson,  Nick Mortimer,  Christian Ohneiser,  Faye Nelson,  Michael Palin,  Bryce Peebles,  Marcus Richards,  Abby Smith,  Belinda Smith Lyttle,  Mathew Vanner.

Forrester Gallery, 9 Thames Street, Ōamaru
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Open Tuesday through Friday  10:00am - 4:00pm
Weekends & public holidays     1:30pm - 4:00pm 

Closed Mondays (unless a public holiday), Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing & New Year’s Day

Image: Penguins diving in deep time, Manu Berry

Published on 23 Mar 2022

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