Each month we update you on what is new in the leadership support toolbox.  The Toolbox content is designed around 14 leadership themes.  Click on the link to discover what these Leadership Themes have to offer and where to find the articles below.   You also have a change to contributions to the leadership resources by emailing pctdevelopment@op.ac.nz with anything you consider would be valuable to share with others at OP.  

We've been busy adding content to the themes.  The articles and learnings listed below are from reputable organisations are centered around what is new and exciting in today's world.  Listed below is content we have added into the tiles in the toolbox during February:

Conflict Resolution

  • Smart ways emotionally intelligent leaders handle toxic people

Leadership Models and Concepts 

  • How to set goals when everything feels like a priority - Linkedin Learning 15 mins
  • How to take back your time at work and in life
  • Tips for rooting out bias in yourself and your organisation
  • Three reasons for leaders to cultivate intellectual humility
  • What is the authentic leadership style?
  • Leaders don't have to choose between compassion and performance
  • Five reasons why intellectual humility is good for you
  • The 12 principles of generous leadership
  • Eight things successful people will think everyday

Building High Performing Teams

  • The psychology of teamwork

Information for new leaders

  • Delegating is great, except when it is not
  • How emotionally intelligent people use the Mark Twain rule to become exceptionally persuasive
  • Surprising secretes of smart leadership

Leadership Communication

  • Articulate your value - Linkedin Learning 35 mins
  • Giving negative feedback can make empathetic leaders less effective
  • Why body language matters in leadership and how you can improve yours
  • Failing prey to group think? How to encourage healthy debate in your team

Change Leadership

  • Advice for leaders during a crisis - Linkedin Learning 1 hr 4 mins

Resilience as a Leader

  • Are you burning yourself out unintentionally?
  • Who is responsible for protecting work-life balance? 
  • Three simple ways to manage burnout

Culture Leadership

  • Overcoming cognitive bias - Linkedin Learning 33 mins


Leading Sustainable Practice

  • How emotionally intelligent people use the 'rule of chess players' to strengthen relationships and perform under pressure
  • Balancing work and life - Linkedin Learning 35 mins

We hope that some of these topics have sparked your interest and you go into the toolbox and have a look around at what it offers. Please let us know if you have any news items, articles, learnings that you would like to share and we will add these to the toolbox.

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Published on 2 Mar 2022

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