Rob Cloughley, Pam McKinlay and Thomas Lord are recipients of an Otago Polytechnic, Staff Excellence in Research Award 2022 for their contributions to the Neil Grant Survey Exhibition and biography (with text by Art Historian Peter Stupples).


Neil Grant: Master Potter
1961-2021| Survey Exhibition 

“Twenty years to learn, twenty years to forget, and then the real work begins to find your voice”

Neil Grant is an artist and a ceramicist. In his twenties he learned to work with clay, to throw, to mould, to coil, to slab build, to glaze, to fire a kiln, to decorate simple and complex surfaces. His sixty-year career as a ceramic artist spans the years from the flowering of domestic rustic pots to large sculptural ceramics and major architectural commissions.

He is well known for his distinctive reworking of traditional Shino-Japanese pottery into a fusion of Anglo-Oriental forms but recreating them in new and exciting ways.

This exhibition shone a light on the development of Neil’s skill and artistry with clay and fire and his legacy as an arts educator.

The Neil Grant 1961-2021 Survey Exhibition was held in association with the 60th anniversary celebrations of the NZ Society of Potters and Ceramics NZ National Exhibition 2021

A limited edition book accompanying the exhibition was published by Pamphlaterre Publications.

You can read more about Neil's lifetime achievements in the Otago Daily Times here.

Published on 28 Feb 2022

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