An OPAIC graduate has put her passion for sustainability into practice during her master’s research in the area of construction.

Tatiana Poletaeva worked as an engineer, architect, and quantity surveyor in the construction field back home in Russia.

She has just completed her Master of Applied Management at OPAIC, researching 3D house printing technology as an effective solution for sustainable housing construction in New Zealand.

Tatiana says the introduction of 3D printing technology is important as it has many advantages over traditional methods. It is an environmentally friendly process that reduces health and safety risks, she says.

“3D printing produces less waste, less pollution and emissions and allows for using ecologically friendly materials.”

“It automates the workflow by up to 80 percent and reduces the need for scaffolding, significantly reducing falls from heights and other workplace injuries.”

She says the use of 3D printing technology also allows projects to be completed two to three times faster. Additionally, it can have financial benefits as it allows for the use of locally available materials.

Tatiana believes 3D printing processes can also attract a new generation to the construction industry.

“Currently, there is a huge shortage of specialists, labour, skills, and materials in the construction market.”

Some people are put off entering the construction industry because of the physical nature of the work. However, the 3D printing process is almost fully automated, she says.

“3D printing is not only about business; it is about the desire to develop and move forward.”

Tatiana says one of the most exciting parts of her project was collaborating with different people from various countries around the world.

“I felt how people are united by a common idea to create and implement something new, experiment, and improve conditions worldwide.”

She says the people she was lucky to interview for her research were all purposeful, intelligent, pioneers, who inspire others with their energy and motivation.

She hopes her research findings will help people make decisions about implementing this technology if they are in doubt, avoid any mistakes in implementation, and improve the construction process.

As a lover of nature and animals, Tatiana is very interested in ecology and sustainability. She hopes her future career will relate to this area.

“I believe that we can achieve sustainability through small steps from everyone that will positively affect the whole planet.”

“It was one of the reasons to come to New Zealand. This country has a great perspective on sustainability, and I would like to be a part of this.”

Tatiana has recently secured a full-time senior project management role with the construction company she interned with before Christmas. 

Published on 4 Feb 2022

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