Charged with new knowledge, a group of students have become the first cohort to graduate from Otago Polytechnic’s pioneering Electric Vehicles programme.

For the past 12 months 15 students have been enrolled in Otago Polytechnic’s New Zealand Certificate in Electric Vehicle Automotive Engineering, a Level-5 programme that empowers students with the skills and knowledge to diagnose and repair faults in battery electric and hybrid electric vehicles and machines.

The one-year, part-time programme (delivered on-campus and online with a range of block courses) has four intakes a year, with more than 20 students enrolling in each intake.

With the pressure on natural resources around the globe, humans are seeking alternative and more sustainable energy solutions. Electric vehicles will play a big part in this future and those working in the automotive industry will increasingly need skills and confidence working in this space.

“Given the increasing demand and use of electric vehicles, Otago Polytechnic is looking to work with other ITPs to grow the New Zealand Certificate in Electric Vehicles up and down the country,” says Richard Nyhof, Head of Otago Polytechnic’s College of Engineering, Construction and Living Sciences.

Otago Polytechnic automotive engineering senior lecturer Kevin O’Neill is proud of the students’ achievements.

"They’ve been studying for about a year to now be allowed to work in and around electric vehicles.

"A lot of these students are already working in the industry. Every year there are more and more of these vehicles coming out.”

According to a recent University of Otago study, Dunedin has one of the highest rates of electric vehicle ownership in New Zealand.

Dunedin has about 6.1 vehicles per 1000 people, compared with an Otago regional average of 4.7 and a national average of 3.8 vehicles per 1000 people.

There are 931 electric cars registered in Dunedin, part of the 21,829 registered nationally, Ministry of Transport statistics to August show.

To meet the demand related to this uptake, Otago Polytechnic has developed a broad suite of EV-related programmes, including a range of short courses and microcredentials.

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Published on 13 Oct 2020

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