Rashmiben Patel has been keeping busy in her bubble – attending online classes and helping a flower company connect with customers.

Rashmi studies the Graduate Diploma in Information Technology at OPAIC. Originally from India, she is currently in Auckland and studying online due to New Zealand’s COVID-19 restrictions.

She says her online study is going well. She has found it easy to communicate with lecturers and other students online.

“Students feel free to ask and respond to any questions related to their course.”

In some ways it’s better than face-to-face learning as some students who are usually quiet during classes are more comfortable communicating online, she says.

“It offers a better way to learn to use technology and connect around the world and students can improve their confidence.”

Rashmi says online learning also comes with challenges. More time is spent troubleshooting than would be in the classroom.

However, studying online has helped her stay connected during lockdown.

As well as attending classes, Rashmi has been working on a website for a company called National Flower Traders as part of her course.

She’s using the coding languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to make the website attractive and interactive.

She’s also creating a database which stores products and customer order information, which in turn helps the company improve their business.

“As a result, the company gets a good record for their customers and users and connects with them.”

Published on 5 May 2020

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