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Our very own Professor Samuel Mann is reaching out across the airwaves in an Otago Access Radio partnership with Otago Polytechnic titled “Blowing Bubbles”.

The series, which began on 31 March, is all about making connections in a time of self-isolation, Sam says.

The conversations among people in bubbles in New Zealand and around the world include exploring the ways in which people are living their bubble lives, working from home, keeping kids entertained, staying connected, getting exercise, as well as pondering potential societal paradigm shifts.

As a mentor and facilitator for Capable NZ, and a key driver of the innovative Sam Doctor of Professional Practice and Bachelor of Leadership for Change programmes, Sam is often involved in the deep, highly collaborative process of enabling change.

Importantly, Sam says, these dramatic changes to our daily lives provide an opportunity to reflect and discuss new ways of living.

“The big question is, what can we learn from these experiences? What’s important – and what’s not?

“A key question that follows from that is, how can we instill what we’ve learnt and build a new future?”

Sam is not alone in his conversational quest. Along with a range of guests, he is joined by co-hosts Shane Montague-Gallagher and Mawera Karetai who, with Sam, have been running a weekly OAR show, “Sustainable Lens”.

Tune in to “Blowing Bubbles”, weekdays at 3pm, on OAR FM Dunedin (105.4FM and 1575AM).

Visit OAR or the Sustainability Lens show.




Published on 6 Apr 2020

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