Kā Kaimahi

Attracting and developing Māori staff and the cultural capability of all staff


 1. Attract, recruit, retain and develop Māori staff across all levels of Otago Polytechnic, especially leadership roles  3. Build the capability of staff to be more culturally responsive and inclusive practitioners
 2. Establish and strengthen a shared understanding among staff of culturally responsive practices, eg:
  • a. The impact of caring, respectful, reciprocal relationships between staff and learners
  • b. Effective learning and teaching strategies for Māori learners
  • c. Ako, whanaukataka and manaakitaka as culturally inclusive and effective pedagogical practices



Cultural capabilities are integrated throughout Otago Polytechnic’s Staff Capability Framework

Culturally capable staff:

  • Have a baseline understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and how it applies in a tertiary context
  • Pronounce te reo Māori accurately
  • Demonstrate a basic level of tikaka within the campus’ local context
  • Are culturally responsive and inclusive practitioners
  • Have high expectations for Māori learner success
  • Live and work according to our values of manaakitaka (caring), māia (courage), takohaka (accountability) and whakamanataka (empowering)
Goals and objectives of the AMA (Advancement of Māori, Otago Polytechnic’s Māori Workforce Action Plan) are advanced and monitored for success Te Kāhui Māori (Otago Polytechnic’s Māori Staff Collective) is meeting the needs of participating staff

Māori staff:

  • Proportions match that of Māori learners
  • Advance their career aspirations through tailored professional development and successful promotion applications, leading to more Māori staff in leadership roles
  • Are valued for their cultural capability and their contributions are recognised by their colleagues
Te Rautaki Reo Māori is advanced through staff engagement in te reo Māori initiatives