PRIORITY THREEP3 te taumata angitu marori

Te Taumata Angitu Māori

Māori learners succeeding as Māori


 1. Provide an attractive learning environment and an outstanding learning experience that is conducive to Māori learner participation and success at all levels of study (especially Foundation level and sub-degree programmes)  3. Show-case exemplars of good practice (i.e. that have a positive impact on Māori learner success) through research that enhances Otago Polytechnic’s ongoing quality improvement processes and data that informs decision making processes
2. Deliver research-informed and integrated support services to Māori learners, maximising pastoral, academic and employment success  



Māori learners:

  • Feel welcomed and valued as Māori, reporting a strong sense of belonging
  • Experience culturally capable and responsive teachers and support staff (from a strong, relational base)
  • Are fully informed about the range of support services and developmental opportunities available to them
  • Are appropriately supported to transition through various stages of their learning and to thrive
  • Sense an expectation to participate, engage and succeed as Māori
  • Pathway into either employment or further study

Māori learner outcomes continue to improve

Culturally responsive programmes are delivered by culturally capable, credible and suitably qualified pedagogues

Māori learner data and research undertaken with Māori learners will:

  • Identify enablers and barriers to Māori learner success
  • Inform Otago Polytechnic’s strategic direction, quality improvement processes and decision making processes
  • Help to define what ‘excellence’ looks like with regard to Māori learner success
  • Provide exemplars of good practice across Otago Polytechnic
The ‘Priority Learner Success Steering Group’ works with Programme Leaders (i.e. of low performing programmes) to improve outcomes for Māori learners Māori learner success will be profiled and appropriately communicated locally, regionally and nationally