Our vision and values




Our Vision | Tō Mātou Matawhānui

Our people make a better world. 
‘Kia tū ki te tahi’


Our Mission | Tō Mātou Whakatakaka

Build capability, Realise potential.

We build the capabilities of individuals, organisations and communities and help them to realise their potential. Our people are our learners, our staff, and the organisations and communities which we serve. We build the capability of our people so that they have the skills, knowledge, aspiration and confidence to make a better world through positive impacts on families, organisations and communities, nationally and globally.


Our Values | Ō Mātou Uara

Caring | Manaakitaka

We value people, communities and the environment 



Courage | Māia

We are bold in shaping a better future 



Accountability | Takohaka

We are responsible and act with integrity



Empowerment | Whakamanataka

We inspire and enable others to succeed




Our Behaviours | Ō Mātou Whanoka

  • we listen to and act in the interests of those we serve
  • we are respectful, considerate and act with integrity
  • we are unstoppable in our quest for excellence
  • we make decisions for a more sustainable world
  • we share and collaborate for better outcomes
  • we work with Mana Whenua to improve outcomes for our people
  • we take responsibility for our behaviours and actions, and meet our commitments
  • we hold ourselves and others to account
  • we respect each other’s backgrounds, abilities and beliefs
  • we help each other succeed and we celebrate our achievements together
  • we act with good intent, trusting that others will also
  • we welcome, act on and give continuous feedback
  • we innovate for a more successful learner experience and polytechnic
  • we encourage risk-taking and we learn from our mistakes


Our Culture | Tō Mātou Tikaka

At Otago Polytechnic our learners are at the heart of everything we do. We trust each other to do what’s right for people and the environment. We have a strong sense of purpose and direction. We work collaboratively and are well connected locally and globally, striving always for excellence. We are empowered to make decisions, helping each other excel and celebrating our successes together. We are future-focussed, not afraid to challenge the status quo, seeing change as opportunity. We pursue ambitious goals and are willingly accountable for achieving results. We constantly improve ourselves and everything we do. Our people feel safe and supported in a caring, inclusive environment. We are proud to be making a better world together.